And Welcome!

I’m Marcy Amaro, and 
I am on a mission to help 
business, community, and 
faith leaders change the world 
through their unique voice 
with authority, confidence, 
and authenticity.

And Welcome!

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs and business leaders differentiate themselves in a crowded, noisy marketplace through POWERFUL messaging and Effective Self-Leadership!

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With a new episode posted every Tuesday, Sincerely Speaking will become your go-to for conversations about Self-Leadership. With topics ranging from Authenticity and Confidence to Communication and Achievement, our weekly conversations will inspire, educate, and entertain, all while giving you actionable tools and strategies to develop your self-leadership and enhance your life, business, community, and the world!

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How's your confidence?

If you're like most of my clients, you feel your confidence sway from "I can take on the world" to "What made me think I could do any of this?"

Let me walk you through my 6-step process that will help you not just increase your confidence but also understand what shakes your confidence and how to prevent it so that you can be at your most confident most of the time!

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Impact-Centered, Purpose-Driven Authors, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs!

Do you have a brand, cause, or mission you'd like to share with the world, but are not sure how to get started? Do you have a powerful, impactful message but can't seem to gain traction in connecting with the right people? Are you tired of constantly posting content on social media without getting any traction?

Then, you need your OWN online show!

During this FREE 3-day challenge, I will walk you from idea to launch and help you create an online show (podcast, video channel, blog, vlog, summit, etc.) with my simple 5 C's process.

Gain clarity, grow your confidence, build your authority and launch your show in as little as 3 days!

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ATTENTION: Are you a community, faith, or business leader with a powerful message to share?

You probably feel like your brand, cause, calling, and/or passion has the potential to change the world. You know, deep in your heart, that there is so much more you're meant to do, but you're simply confused about where to start or what steps to take.
You KNOW, deep in your heart, that if only more people knew about what you do and how you do it, countless lives would be changed for the better!

If any of that sounds like you, then I want to invite you to a FREE call in which I will help you gain clarity, understand the most effective path to follow, and help you identify your best next step!

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As a shy and introverted person with a background in education, and the 3rd of 5 kids, I took it upon myself to discover the key to rising above fear, doubt, and self-imposed limitations. This quest has allowed me to create a system for uncovering the hidden voice (or spark) that lies hidden in all of us, and turning that spark into a powerful message that creates BOTH impact and income.

It is my pleasure and passion to share that system with Business, Community, and Faith leaders, including you!

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